Thursday, January 4

Post Holiday Amusement

Well, what can I say...the dog must match! After I knit the two hats for Jimmy and I, it only seemed right to give Shepherd a matching "something." So I knit this little cuff...we call it his "fetching cuff" because he looks so very fetching in it (yes, we're goofy...we know)! You gotta admit...he's cute. It's the same yarn as Jimmy's hat and he's been wearing it when he goes for walks for a couple of weeks now. He thinks it's just part of the rest of the gear he gets to put on, along with the harness and leash. Or sometimes...the raincoat

Proof that we love our boy so much, we'll take him for a walk in the pouring (and I mean pouring) rain, just so he gets his walk. (I'm pretty sure that most of our neighbors refer to us as the nice- basically- sweet- but- slightly- eccentric- couple that live in the house on top of the hill.)


Deb said...

Shepherd is gorgeous! and looks adorable in his scarf and raincoat. Shepherd looks about the same size as our Ben but we have never been able to find a coat that really fits him - Shepherd's rain coat is fantastic.

Jill said...

Love that raincoat! I've thought about finding one for our corgi, but as it doesn't rain much here it's not so necessary. But we're like you - rain or shine the dog MUST walk!

becki said...

So adorable!! I so wish I had a dog! I would even walk it in the rain!!! It's always nice to see that people spoil their dogs (my husband said the dog routine would get old)!! Thanks for sharing that, I have proof that it doesn't!!