Friday, January 5

Crochet me a blue lagoon

I meant to post about this sooner, but it went so fast I was almost done before I knew it! I got this yarn at Hobby Lobby on sale (Yarn Bee Mosaic Twist). And had some kind of tote or bag in mind for it when I bought it. The color name is "blue lagoon."

So I just kinda winged-it with the construction. I made a front and back panel, a bottom panel, two side panels and two straps. I single-crocheted it all together (except for the straps, which still need to be attached) and now I'm ready to put a lining in it.

I had thought about the Girlfriends print (which is the white, green and blue print) before I stitched it up. But now, I'm leaning toward the blue dot (background fabric). It seems calmer, and a little better match at this point. It's been laying on my sewing table for a couple of weeks now, and I need to just finish it up. And it's for me!


Randi said...

I am looking forward to the finished product--you always make the cutest bags!

Deb said...

Very nice! ~ will look good with the polka dots.