Wednesday, January 3

Cozy In!

Wooo, so is everybody back into the routine by now? We are. We took all the decorations down a couple of days before New Year's Day. We decided to put more of the Christmas stuff in the attic this year, which of course, necessitated a clean-up / clean-out of the attic. But now we've got an organized attic with all the Christmas stuff in one place; all the camping stuff in one place; all the spring yard-sale stuff in one place; etc., etc. Now if the rest of the house was just as organized as the attic!

January always brings the "organizer bug" for me. (Yep I know, I'm the only one!) After all the extra stuff of Christmas, I always feel a desire to pare down and simplify. Except for my candle fixation...I miss the holiday lights, so I compensate by lighting candles and tea lights all over the place. Plus, it shoots up the "cozy" factor. That's another big January thing for me...hibernating. Nothing to do, nowhere to go, nobody to see...just curl up and cozy up. Love it.

So I've cast on a January project....

The famous, I'm-probably-the-last-one-to-do-it Irish Hiking Scarf from Hello Yarn. Jimmy got this yarn for me for Christmas and now it's going to be a scarf for him...hmmm. Anyway, it's very soft...I think it's Bernat, I don't have the label with me, about 400 yards of it. I think I can do this. I understand all the instructions, which is a good sign. I've done 5 rows, the cable comes at row by then I have to decide to cable with or without a needle. Hmmm...How brave do I feel?

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