Monday, December 11

Have a Pink Christmas

Pink seems to be everywhere this year. We were in Pier 1 on Saturday, during our marathon shopping spree, and the red and pink -ness was everywhere. I couldn't resist. I bought a gift bag for $3.00 because it looks like my blog header! It looks like my blog cool is that? I had no idea I was so "up" on things. Truth be told, I'm not...I just like red and pink together.

And pink and this:
(I took this standing at the foot of's not quite that big-footed looking)

A close-up of the cuff. It's from a thrifted wool/angora sweater. And the stocking is from the pink wool blanket, same as these and this.

I whipped this up one night last week in nothing flat. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. Maybe sell it...maybe not. Hmmm...don't know.

And then there's these: (pardon the yucky's a rainy day)

Parts. Parts of soon-to-be felted crocheted bookmarks from this magazine.
I thought this was a terrific idea for a small gift or favor. I made a couple to see how my yarn felts. Then I'll make about a half dozen, they make up in no time. And one to keep for myself!

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Tracy said...

I was just drooling over the pink & red at Pier 1 the other day. It's soooo cute! Love that stocking you made. I have a few sweaters laying around that I never wear. Perhaps I should repurpose them?

Thanks for the inspiration.