Friday, December 8

Creatures are definitely stirring...

Tomorrow is our Christmas shopping blitz...lookout stores, here we come! Jimmy and I plan to get all (I say "all" like it's some gigantic sprawling thing, it's not a huge list) our shopping for others d - 0 - n - e. I find as I get older, I enjoy "shopping" less and less. I mean, the head out to the stores and spend all day without a clue what I'm going to buy kind of shopping. Unless it's fabric, or yarn. Even then, that doesn't take all day. I guess I'm to the point where, if I'm going to spend hours and hours on something, I'd like it to be something I'm 'making,' not something I'm 'buying.' Nevertheless...we shall shop.til.we.drop. And then - it will be done! Tra la! Done! We can enjoy the rest of the season, not spend.
I read this and I think...hey, I'm cheap. So be it...there's worse things.

I'm working on some sewing accessories to list in my etsy shop. Here's a peek...I'm planning to do some pincushion / needle book / tape measure sets in several fabrics.
I'm pleased with the simple little pincushion. It's tight as a tick, which I like. And I put a pouch of lentils in the bottom so it's good and weighty, and the lentils sort of serve as a stop for the pins, so they don't go all the way through.

A wonderful weekend to all! Glad tidings of the season!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful pincushion. I love the idea of using lentils to stop the needles going through.

lindiepindie said...

I really like the pincushion! I'm kind of in a pincushion phase right now. I've made some that are fairly flat as well and have to remember not to push through and possibly poke myself. :o) My boys can't help it, though - they have to push the needles as deep as they'll go. Lentils are a great idea.