Friday, November 17

Red and pink; pink and red

The yarn bag is finished! I think I could carry about six projects at once in this thing. It's very roomy. I still want to make a couple of small drawstring pouches to put small stuff in...but that will probably have to wait until Christmas projects are done.
We finally got a sunny day to take some decent pictures, but I can never get the pink felt to look as soft as it does in real life. But soft or not, here it is:

The front has the crocheted flower. Those pinks don't clash like that in person. I stitched some oversized cross stitches up the center of the front and back, and over the side seams.

The back view shows the stitches and the underside of the handles. The top is a thrifted red wool blazer I felted. Very soft.

It's hard to see inside there, but I put one big pocket in a red and white print. You can see the gathers for the drawstring closure. I used the red and white gingham ribbon you can just see at the top for the drawstring. I trimmed the material with the red felt and then used my machine blanket stitch around it. That took over half an hour to stitch that...I thought it would never end. You can see the stitching a little better here-

I just love this makes me happy. Red and pink, I'm loving that combo right now.

Next week I'll have some finished pictures of this. It turned out great, but Sunday is the giving away day, so it'll have to wait until after that. Until then, I hope everyone is gearing up for Turkey Day! Can't wait to eat some of this..yummy!


Deb said...

Your yarn bag is gorgeous!! I love the detail of the crocheted flower with the little button.

RANDI said...

I LOVE the bag--great job! I would have never thought of putting pink and red together, but it looks wonderful!

babybug said...

your bag is amazing! great work :)

Anonymous said...

What a great job ~ the yarn bag is beautiful! Debbie