Tuesday, December 5

The gift list

We collect lantern and 'lamplight' ornaments for our trees. Can you guess why? Actually, I'm also a big lover of 'little lamps.' We have quite a few small lamps, electric and non-electric. I need to take some pictures and post them...maybe in January!

Actually, I can't believe how calm I feel about Christmas gifts this year. We have bought almost nothing so far. But then again, we don't have a ton of stuff to buy. It's a short list of people we exchange gifts with, other than passing on cookies and baked goods, which I love, love, love doing. It truly would not be Christmas without cookies! (Well, okay it would be Christmas...I mean it comes no matter what mood you're in...but you know what I mean.)

But back to gifts. I've made a couple of things already, and right now I'm working on this, which Katie kindly offered. It's going well (very well, considering this is my 2nd official knitting project and my first working in the round!), and I should have it done and pictures of it by the weekend. When I saw it I knew it was perfect for our little nephew. His mom loves to put him in hats!

Then there's the washcloths, one is done, the other is over half done. Pictures coming when they are finished, too. There is this scarf, for another relative. And maybe one more hat before time falls too short. And plenty of cookies for everyone!

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beki said...

Such pretty ornaments. I too am feeling pretty calm about our gift situatio, though I hardly have anything purchased or made. I hope my calmness stays with me!