Sunday, December 3

Washcloth factory

I've been meaning to post a picture of the second washcloth I's been done over a week! I just keep forgetting to post a picture of, here it is.

As a matter of fact, I'm enjoying making these so much I'm making a couple to give as a Christmas gift to someone (can't say who...they may be reading!). They are very quick and fun to do.

Also of weekend kicked off on a great note. I made my first sales on Etsy! 2 on the same day...what a terrific way to kick off December. A big, big thank you to the ladies who purchased my scissorkeeps...Thank you!

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Katie said...

Well, that's just about the purtiest washcloth I've ever seen! Love it.

Congrats on the etsy shop seems to be invisible these days. =( So much for buying the hoped-for super-huge and amazing Christmas gift for my husband this year. The balance in my PayPal acct. is only half way to the goal. Wah!