Friday, October 26

Fall Friday

We're really enjoying cool (cold!) weather right now...we've been wearing hats and gloves to walk Shepherd in the evening. This is so great! Usually, in Arkansas, October is back and forth, back and forth, cool day then warm day, cool day then really warm day, cool day then plain ol' hot day! But it's been very cool for about a week straight. It feels so...fallish.

I'm hooking away on the granny squares...up to 18 so far. I'm loosely planning on an afghan of at least 8 squares across by 7 squares down. So I need a minimum of 56 (yes! I can still multiply in my head) and I may go for 9 x 8 squares....we'll see when I get into the 40's!

I'm working on some new scissorkeeps, pincushions and such for my etsy shop. It's been rather neglected for several months now. But I'd like to get a good selection in there for the holiday season. I love this fabric with the teacups..brown, orange, and aqua...serious love. Sorry it's a fuzzy picture, the perfectly overcast fall day does not make for great pictures inside. But it sure is cozy.


Anonymous said...

~would you consider doing a "granny-squart" tuturial? :)

lamplight designs said...

I'd certainly be willing, but there are already some great tutorials out there! The Purl Bee has an excellent one. They're listed in my blogroll.