Thursday, November 1

November One

Happy November to everyone! I love's almost a perfect month. Halloween is over. Yes, sorry, I'm not a fan of the halloween craze. Thanksgiving is this month, a joy of a holiday if you ask me. All the yummy food and no pressure! It's prep time for Christmas, which I enjoy. You need a little "in the air is the feeling of Christmas" busyness. Not too much, though. And now Daylight Savings Time ends in November. Which to me equals cozy time.

So a bowl of fake fruit (but nice fake fruit) to celebrate this grand month.

And, a beautiful quilt that was on my calendar when I changed it this morning. I "heart" this quilt. Love the big stitches, love the colors, love the fabrics. Love.


rohanknitter said...

I love November too, it's cool and crisp but not totally freezing.
And I love Thanksgiving - my favorite holiday!

lamplight designs said...
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