Tuesday, March 6

Springtime & Red Hat

Well, where did that week go? Woosh...the days are flyin' by! I'm right in the middle of changing jobs (to one with fewer hours, yah!) and Jimmy is busy, busy, busy at work right now, so it just seems like last week was a blur. And spring is springing! Daffodils blooming, pear tree blooming, tulips popping up, seedlings growing...

I did however, manage a finished object. A red hat. For me. (Next up, a blue one, for Jimmy.)

(this, above, is the truest to color)

(I couldn't resist putting it on Sheppie, he says "The things I put up with...")

Pattern: none (basic 4 x 4 rib)
Yarn: Yarn Bee Icelandic Jewels in Ruby Colorway
Needles: Knit Picks Options 6.0 mm US10

Now that I have my nice floppy, loose KnitPicks Options cords, I finished this hat up with the magic loop method. Love it! I've cast on a blue one for Jimmy using the same yarn. This is nice "no thinking" knitting.


Randi said...

Your "model" looks so cute wearing your hat!

Deb said...

Cute hat ... even cuter model! Shepherd is adorable.

Dale Anne said...

Cute hat!
WOW! Flowers popping up already - we're a couple months I think from anything popping up here!!!

Karen June said...

I am completely coveting your daffodils...snow and sleet are in our Boston forcast for today...love the hat!