Friday, March 23

Abundant Life

Well, I certainly didn't intend for that to happen! Another week and a half with no blogging, and what's more, no blog surfing. We had a sick computer for about a week and just got it back yesterday (it's feeling much better). And the week before that we had an unexpected death in our family.
There hasn't been much on the knitting or quilting front either...just a few minutes here and there.
But, spring is springing all over our yard. As I write this, I'm looking out at an apple tree in blossom, a dogwood about to blossom, forsythias almost finished blooming, and a bed of tulips!
The daffodil show is over. The pear trees have already bloomed and are leafing out, and we're getting ready for planting. The seedlings are perking along, and we've already planted a few things from the funeral (two hydrangeas, some pink hyacinth, and an azalea or two).

I'll have pictures galore soon, but right now I've got a few blogs to catch up on!

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