Tuesday, February 27

Whereupon I Sink Further into the Knitting Abyss

I ordered a set of KnitPicks Options needles. I'd read several reviews of them, and they were all positive. Matter-of-fact, I don't think I've heard anything negative about these needles. I love the cords...so loose, so floppy.
The same day, this yarn arrived from Fearless Fibers. In the Honey Brown colorway...very yummy. I immediately wound it into a ball (yep, the old-fashioned way...a ballwinder is on the list). And I'm a center pull ball kinda gal, it drives me nuts for my ball to be rolling all over the place!
Very soft and delicious (the color of the ball is pretty true). This was purchased especially to cast on for this:
Lace! Forest Canopy Shoulder Shawl by Susan Pierce Lawrence. I was a bit apprehensive about my ability to do this, even though everyone says this is a great introduction to lace knitting...I'm not the sharpest tack in the box! But I have to say, "they" are right... it's going swimmingly. I'm even following the chart and not the written instructions. And let me say - I.love.it. Serious addiction possibilities here.
So I sink even further into the knitting obsession. At least I'll be warm.

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Katie said...

Hey Robin! I am so far behind on blog reading--now that I'm kind of a working girl again. Ha. Love the yarn and now I will really have to get a set of Options. As if I need any more needle sets. I think you'll be really pleased with the Forest Canopy. I absolutely loved knitting it!