Monday, April 2

Shepherd's Quilt - FO!

It's finally finished...I thought the day would never come! I finished Shepherd's Quilt...that's what we're calling it, since more than likely he'll be the one laying on it the most.

I'm very pleased with it. It turned out just as I had pictured in my mind...very scrappy red and blue quilt. I wish I would have had more patience for a wee bit more quilting, but I was ready to get it bound and off of my list! Therefore, it is quilted enough. I usually like more rather than less quilting, but hey, it's still a cute quilt!
As you can see, I now need to get to work on the bed skirt, which will be the blue and white ticking of the pillowcase and sheets.

I'm already quilting on Jimmy's Irish Chain, which he's been waiting for for over a year. So, hopefully it'll get quilted here in the next couple of weeks and then bound.

I love binding a's like the reward for all that hard work of piecing and piecing, making the quilt sandwich, basting and then the quilting itself. I always get excited when I get to the point where I've got the binding stitched to the front and I get to sit with the quilt for a few days and hand stitch the binding to the back. It's like a chance to get to know the quilt as a whole.

I'm kind of on a quilting kick here all of the sudden. I've got a new bed quilt for our bed waiting in the wings, and I've got ideas for another one for my new workplace. It's a quilty spring around here!


Karen June said...

Beautiful! I needed some quilty inspiration! I have some baby quilt ideas for my shop and have been selecting materials...just needed a little inspiration to get me going!

Jill said...

What a lovely quilt! It looks very patriotic and beautifully made.

Katie said...

How pretty and cheerful! I love binding a quilt, too. It's very relaxing to me.