Friday, February 23

WIP Friday

I have several works-in-progress right now: the red and blue snowball quilt, which is very close to binding (yah!). I always get excited about a quilt when I get to the binding stage...I love to do the binding, I don't know what it is, but it's fun. I guess partly because it's the finish, but I also love sitting down with a big quilt and hand sewing the binding. So I'm almost there...

Then the sock...she grows...

This, of course, being the easy-peasy part. Next comes the heel!

Then, to alternate with the sock, I cast on for this red hat. It's just simple 4 x 4 rib in a bargain acrylic yarn. But it's soft, cheery, and mindless knitting. I've got more "bargain yarn" of the same variety for a blue hat for Jimmy. Hats are fun.
(sorry for the lousy picture)
Nevermind that it's nearly springtime around here! We'll have hat choices comes next winter.

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