Wednesday, January 24

Quilting with Penny

I'm finally quilting on this. I got it basted together a couple of weeks ago and started machine quilting it. I tend to prefer machine quilting for my bed quilts, mostly because this will actually be used by Shepherd more than by us. And machine quilting definitely takes less time, a lot less in my case, than hand quilting, and seems to be pretty durable under 'daily dog use.'

I forget what an operation it is to machine quilt a bed size quilt on a home sewing machine. Not so much the actually stitching, but you have to fold, fold, unfold, refold, fold some more and then do a little stitching.
The best book I've ever read about machine quilting is Diane Gaudynski's Guide to Machine Quilting.
I'll never be near her technique, but it did give me a good grasp of how to handle my quilt and lots of great tips to make your stitches look better.
Oh, Penny is my machines's name. I love her! She's a Bernina Activa Patchwork Edition.


Karen June said...

Our dog Lucas is a big fan of quilts too...definitely prefering the handmade :) ... love that you named your sewing machine...

Randi said...

I made it halfway through machine-quilting my lapsized quilt and then I put it down--which was a mistake! I need to start on it again but i got tired of all the rolling and trying to manage all that fabric!