Tuesday, January 23

Book worm

January always has that "snuggle in with a good book" effect on me. So, in that spirit, that's what I've been doing. I've been re-reading this book
Jenny Walton's Packing for a Woman's Journey by Nancy Lindemeyer. I love this book. It's got a very definite optimistic outlook on life, which is similiar to mine. And of course, Nancy Lindemeyer was the editor of Victoria magazine, my all-time favorite magazine ever published. I could go on and on...and on... about it, and the impression it made on me. I have almost every issue. I think I'm lacking 3 or 4. And I still get them out quite often. They're like old friends. If you're a fan, you know exactly what I mean.
Along that line, I picked up a couple of things at our library's book store this weekend. One was this book (sorry for the blurry picture)

The Heritage Sampler, A Book of Colonial Arts & Crafts. It looks pretty interesting from this light perusal I've given it so far. I'm a big fan of Revolutionary-era history (why yes, I am a big geek, thanks for asking) and all things colonial.

And I also found this, for 50 cents:

Holly Hobbie's Home Times magazine. The first issue. This completely surprised me...I have never heard of this magazine, do not remember ever seeing it before, and I am loving it! It reminds me somewhat of Victoria magazine, especially the earliest issues. But a little different. I'd love to know if anyone has ever heard or seen this magazine before.


Kaye said...

I love Victoria mag too!!!
I got some old issues on ebay awhile back and am thoroughly enjoying reading them.
I'll have to look for that book at the library.
Let me know what issues you are missing...maybe I have them?

Jill said...

I have most of my Victoria Magazines, too. I was broken-hearted when they stopped publishing, but pulling out the old issues and rereading them is always a pleasure.

lamplight designs said...

I know I don't have the premier issue or the second issue. There are a couple of others that I'm missing that I can't remember. I wrote it down some time ago...somewhere! I've got quite a few doubles too, since I will usually buy it whenever I see it at a flea market.

Deb said...

Your Holly Hobbie magazine looks amazing. What a great deal at 50 cents!! I loved Victoria magazine as well. Sometimes I can find old copies at garage sales - but I have never seen Holly Hobbie.