Monday, January 29

Knitting rules

I just finished reading this book by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. It's a great book and a fast read. It makes me want to knit -alot. Unfortunately, I only have the one project going on right now. And apparently, I'm not 'Miss Speedy' when it comes to knitting. I assume I'll get faster as I get more experienced and I'm not really concerned with my slowness, other than the fact that I keep seeing things I want to knit. And it's getting to be a long list! Not to mention, that I still enjoy crochet, quilting, sewing, embroidery, cooking, decorating and other things I'm sure I'm forgetting.

But knitting is the current 'obsession' with me. I love how versatile, yet practical it is. Not only do you get to play with yummy yarn, but you end up with something you (or somebody) can use! That's one of the things I love about quilting. But I gotta say playing with yarn is even better than playing with fabric...I'm hooked!

I got a few magazines when I got the book, too...

I have to say, being the newbie that I am...I really like Vogue's KnitSimple. It suits me right now. And yes, that is a Spin Off magazine tucked in the middle there. Yep, the thoughts of making my own yarn are swirling around in my head. Good golly, I've hardly had any experience in knitting or crocheting different yarns, and I'm already thinking of spinning. But as usual for me...I just go with the madness and enjoy the ride!

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