Thursday, January 18


I've been seeing lots of "neapolitan" around blog-land, and it's getting to me. Nevermind that it's delicious, as in neapolitan ice cream. I love that combination of colors: pink, cream, brown...wonderful! And lots of folks are making me neapolitan (groan!) with envy:

This lovely from Karen at Simply June.

Gorgeous yarn from several Etsy shops. FeltStudioUK, KristieHaynes, and WhorledPeace.

Super soft looking roving from Ruby's Daughter Handspun Yarn.

I saw a beautiful pair of socks done in a neapolitan colorway, but now, of course, I can't remember where I saw them. And in my overzealous housecleaning of my favorites folder I got rid of the link.

Brach's socks here
...this is all making me hungry.

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Jill said...

mmmm, yum! I'm hungry for neopolitan, too!