Tuesday, January 16

Blue lagoon tote

I'm really pleased with how this tote turned out. Especially since I just dove in and did no planning at all! I think the only change I might have made is to make the straps a little bit longer, but we'll see how these do in actual use. I lined the straps so they would be sturdier and wouldn't stretch, since I have a definite tendency to overload my totes.
(these pictures aren't the greatest, it's been pouring rain for 3 days here)

I also added something new that I think I'm going to really enjoy. I always carry around a couple of magazines (or six or eight) with me. So I made a separate panel with super sturdy interfacing and sewed it into the lining to hold a few magazines without having them fold over or sink down...I hate that! Kind of a divider idea.

Also added a few pockets for assorted stuff, some matboard to keep the bottom nice and sturdy and I think she's ready to go.


Randi said...

I like how your bag came out and I love its name! Blue Lagoon is perfect!

I am curious about the matboard--what is it and how do you use it? I wish I could get a sturdier base on my purses.

Deb said...

Your tote bag turned out really great and the lining is gorgeous.

Kaye said...

Hi there...

I found your blog a little while ago and had to comment today. The bag is beautiful. I'm loving your work.

I am a magazine fanatic :) I love that detail that you put in your bag. A wonderful addition! It also annoys me when my mags flip flop everywhere.

lamplight designs said...

Thanks for the compliments everyone!
Randi, the matboard (or matte board) is the same stuff you use to put a 'matte' around a picture. I buy it in poster board size sheets at Hobby Lobby. It's pretty dense and seems to hold up well. I've used it for the base of all my bags and haven't had any problems.

becki said...

BEAUTIMUS!!! I love the colors! You did a wonderful job!