Monday, January 8

Cable able

Hah! I did it...I cabled. With a cable needle (actually a dpn), not without...who was I kidding? Maybe cabling without a needle will come later, maybe not. Either way, I'm loving cables! Who knew they weren't as hard as they looked?...well, okay, probably lots of folks. But I didn't know. Of course, there's lots I don't know. Like which way do you pick up the stitches when you have to rip back because you've purled two stitches you should have knitted? I sure didn't know the answer to that one. Technically, I didn't even know how to rip back. I'd never seen it done. But did that stop me..nooooo. And guess what, it turned out okay! I bet you can't even tell where the mistake was. (well, okay, probably you knitterly-expert types can tell, but you know...lie to me, tell me it looks great!)

So the list of knitty things I've learned continues to grow:
cast on...check
cast off...check
work in the round...check
work in the round on two circulars...check
ripping back...check (I feel very officially a knitter with this one!)
follow a pattern...check

So my fourth "official project" is humming along, and I'm looking forward to my "fifth official project." A sock. Actually, uh, two socks. Yes, two socks would be better. My sweet husband got me some sock yarn for Christmas. I actually gave casting on a try with some mercerized cotton...can you say 'slick?' Yowser, my needles were slipping and sliding every which a-way! So, maybe I'll try again with a stickier yarn.

Maybe I should try a Christmas stocking first...there's a thought. Bigger needles, plumper yarn, you only need one...hmm. Must ponder that.


Randi said...

My daughter made me a pair of socks for Christmas and they are wonderful! So very cozy and warm!

amandajean said...

I love your cable! it looks great. I am a new knitter, and I am slowly picking up new things. How long have you been knitting? Are you teaching yourself or do you have a friend helping you?
I think that I could only check off 4 or 5 off of your little list. But I do enjoy the little bit that I know how to do.

I'd like to see more of the yellow quilt that you had in the shot of your blue and yellow purse! Quilting is my main craft of choice.