Wednesday, January 10

Heavenly Apple Crisp

I made this apple crisp recipe this past weekend, and I kid you not, my husband raved about it for 10 solid minutes. He actually said, "This is what the angels eat in heaven!" He. loved. it.

It's really pretty quick and easy (it'd be even quicker and easier if I had one of those handy, dandy apple peelers like I've seen in a couple of places), so I thought I'd share it with you.

If I've done this right, you should be able to click on the picture below and it will open to a .pdf file you can print out.

or if that doesn't work, go here: Heavenly Apple Crisp Recipe


Tracy said...

Don't you just love apple crisp? It is by far one of our favourite desserts here, especially with vanilla ice cream on top. I can just smell it baking in the oven! De-lish.

Karen June said...

Yummm! I'll have to try this recipe out. Thanks for sharing! Thanks for your post on my blog too. I responded on my blog with the yarn type and colors for you and anyone else who might be curious too. I really like working with the wool-ease and it is fairly inexpensive too. Love your blog and your stuff. I added your link to my blog. :) Karen