Friday, December 1

Wrap style

I love wrapping my husband will tell you. We always have to look at the wrapping paper selection in every store. However, I am also very picky. And there is a lot of tacky wrapping paper out there. I love toile wrapping papers and I've saved a couple of pieces from some rolls we had several years ago. Why? I'm always thinking I'm going to make preserve my little wrapping paper memories and the beautiful-ness of the paper. But what...I have yet to decide. But one day...ding! I'll have the idea and they will be preserved in all their glory. Meanwhile, the stack of scraps grows. and grows.
But I must have pretty papers. Really, I must. I found a sort of toile-y paper in Hobby Lobby this year. Then I looked at the price...$6.00. What!? The 'thrifter' in me jumped out...six dollars! For paper! (yes, I am that cheap. it was actually a pretty thick roll) However, I thought it over and went back to get it...only 3 rolls were left. Yesss! (You can see it in the picture, it's still got the plastic wrap on it.)
I miss having a K-mart in our town. The one we had closed about 3 years ago. They have such great Martha paper and tags and such. I bought some last year on a trip to Little Rock. Do they sell online? I need to check that out.
The next thing is to have something to wrap! I need to get busy buying a few gifts. I'm also making a few things, but nothing too difficult. I do, however, plan to put my newfound crochet skills to work making lots of gifts for next year!

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