Thursday, November 30

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Woosh! I'm still full! I hope everyone had a wonderfully bountiful and restful Thanksgiving. Jimmy and I took a few days off to enjoy the time after the holiday. As much as I love Christmas and everything that goes along with it, I love Thanksgiving for the fact that there is no pressure. No expectations. Except food!

I haven't visited many blogs until this morning, and I can see everyone has been very busy! I love seeing how everyone personalizes their Christmas celebration.

So we broke out the Christmas trees the day after...and the multitude of boxes! We have 2 trees, and lots of set-around stuff. And apparently, enough ornaments to decorate about six trees...yikers! We've had white lights on our trees for years and years, and last year we decided that this year we'd put colored lights on for a change. I'm loving it! It seems so very old fashioned. I'll have to wait for a sunny day to get some pics of the entire trees. But in the meantime, here's a peek at a few of our favorite things.

I found these little boxes of vintage ornaments this year at a flea market in Branson! I just love them! They say 25 cents in the corners.

A few ornaments from the tree and part of our village lined up on the mantle. My Mom and I painted all the village buildings years ago, and my husband (bless his heart!) just adores them. I'm pining to make some of the cardboard glittered ones I keep seeing around, but we already have this one, and do I really want to make more work for myself right now?

This is one of our many Santas! A tiny one, as you can tell by the mouse. But very cute.

Oh, and the ribbon candy up top; we found that over the weekend at a tea shop. I remember my mom's best friend always having ribbon candy out, and we'd actually eat it! I told Jimmy "for display only!" We'll see how that goes.

And.....ta-da! A finished knitting project. My very first. I'm proud...probably beyond reason. I even did a few rows of seed stitch at the top. Luckily, it's a fuzzy yarn, because it's not perfect seed stitch. Oh,'s a pouch. You couldn't tell?

I'm planning to lace a silk ribbon through it and put a bag of bath salts in it and sit it on a shelf, oh so cutely, in our bathroom. Maybe a couple of pom poms at the ends of the ribbon? We'll see. Very decadent stuff.


Jill said...

Hello. I discovered your blog through Anna Maria - it's lovely! Do you mind if I link to you from mine? Your little Christmas village is adorable - we have one too, but it's hard to set up since there are now so many houses & shops. I notice you have "part" of yours up too - you must have the same problem!

Deb said...

Love your Xmas ornaments! The Christmas village is adorable ~ we set one up each year as well ... so much fun.