Monday, November 20

Sewing kit and tote

The gift I spoke about was given on Sunday. My mother-in-law is a crafty person who likes sewing a lot. So I made her a sewing kit and a project tote, which we filled with some crafty magazines. These were the only pictures I got, and they are not terrific, but...

The green background above is a much softer mossy green.

It's got a pincushion, a small pocket for floss, a needle holder and a scissors holder. I want one!

The sewing kit turned out really nice, so I'm thinking about making a few more (one for myself!) to sell in my etsy shop. I have been a bad etsy seller, since I haven't updated my shop since I opened it, which is now one month ago! So, I've come up with a few ideas for some smaller items that hopefully will get me that first sale. This darned "pays the bills" daytime job sure can get in the way of getting things designed and made for the "love this stuff-crafty business" part time job.

And there are so many things I want to's an endless list! But I know I'll never have the time to make half of the stuff I dream up, so I need to make myself concentrate on a small slice of ideas that can be practically implemented. Must.use.discipline. Stick to a plan. Right-o.


Deb said...

A gorgeous tote bag filled with all those magazines ~ what a wonderful gift!!

Anonymous said...

I love the sewing kit and tote. Great fabrics. Debbie