Thursday, October 26

Who can turn the world on with her smile?

You better know it! Mary Tyler Moore! We got this DVD earlier this week and have been loving it. This is the first season and it is great...even Jimmy says so. And you CANNOT stop humming that theme song. Even though, interestingly, the lyrics for the first season are a bit different than the one everyone knows. They changed it after the first season. But it's still so great. My mom was a big MTM fan, and her name was also Mary, and yes, she had a big "M" on her wall too! And have I fallen into that 70's trap door, or do the clothes and stuff seem kinda cute! I'm thinkin'...yes, they do!
Anyway, we'll be enjoying life with Mary for the next little while. And I'm putting the next season on my Christmas list...and maybe a Bob Newhart. Groovy.


Deb said...

I loved watching the Mary Tyler Moore show in the 70's as well as all the spin offs that came from the show with Valerie Harper, Cloris Leachman and Betty White. And of course ... now I am humming the theme song as well - contageous!

RANDI said...

I love Mary Tyler Moore--her smile is great!

I love your blog, so many fun and crafty ideas!