Wednesday, October 25

Good finds

We took a little trip last weekend and stopped off at some flea markets. How is it I always manage to finds lots of things and poor Jimmy finds one.little.thing. Of course, I have many and varied interests and am usually on the lookout for at least 25 different things at a given time. For instance, the above knitting needles. I "have" to learn how to knit. I have to. Actually, I knitted an afghan about 10 years ago. But it was all garter stitch...the whole dark green, cotton yarn, thing. After that, knitting lost the battle with quilting for my attention. And that was as far as it went. Until now. Glorious knitting blogs are everywhere! Everywhere, I tell ya. Who wouldn't want to learn to knit after looking at some of the delicious stuff out there. And since I'm already rapidly acquiring a yarn stash from my newfound crochet skills, why not?

And sewing...can't forget the sewing-love. A whole box of totally wild 60's and 70's patterns and some darling old pink teeny tiny rick rack. And that apron (you can't really see it in all it's glory), it's beautiful. Faded, soft and more tiny rick rack. And a stack of crochet doilies for 75 cents. 75 cents!

And these two books. The one on the left is Jimmy's one.little.thing. The one on the right is a children's book (we have no children), but I couldn't is so darlin'. The illustrations are excellent and it was a buck. The books are sitting on a wonderful fall colored wool blanket. I'm still debating...felt, don't felt, felt, don't felt. Haven't decided...any thougts?

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