Monday, October 30


I knitted! Continental. I have proof...that little brown lump there is knitting. Garter stitch for about 20 rows with 20 stitches. I cast on 20 stitches, and I cast off 20 stitches...amazing! The edges look straighter in real life. Honest.
It feels so different from crochet. I feel like there is so much more going on with 2 needles and so much more to think about. But it definitely felt more comfortable as I kept going. I did another swatch in purple before this. You will not see that one. Ugh...not pretty! But I shall press on...

I also finished a single crochet scarf for Jimmy. Need to get a picture of it...I'm proud of it, it looks darn good! Crochet...I love you!

( Beautiful mums in our yard.)

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