Wednesday, October 18

Corners of Our House

My first "Corner" is our freshly wallpapered hall bath. With the above wallpaper which was purchased at our Habitat for Humanity store for $3.00 a roll. Total of 3 rolls used for a grand total of $9.00 to re-paper our it. And it so happens it is just what I had in mind for this room. The window lets in a good amount of light, so I wanted something to really make it feel fresh and light. Perfect! It's hard to tell, but the pattern has two shades of blue in it, an aqua blue which is the flowers and a cornflower blue which is the stem. Very sweet. Now comes the fun part, the decorating. Adding all the doo-dahs. Oh yeah, still gotta paint that dingy window and lose the dingy valance. We had already painted the cabinets and shelf a nice crisp white, but kinda forgot the window. Before the paper was up, it looked whiter...not so white-looking now! This was our first wallpapering in a long, long time, so we were thrilled it actually stayed on the wall!

The picture on the left is one we've had for years and I actually had it in the yard-sale pile, until I realized it would look perfect in here. I'm planning to use my new found crochet skills (still very beginner!) to make some shelf edging and maybe put a crochet edge on a new window valance...we'll see how that goes. We've been in this house just over a year and this is really our first "renovation" project other than painting. We've also put down a new floor in here and added new cabinet hardware. If I can find a "before" pic (lots of gold!) I'll post it hopefully with a finished "after" pic sometime soon!

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Deb said...

Your bathroom reno looks wonderful! I found your blog today for the first time and really enjoyed it. Your dog Shepherd is just gorgeous!