Friday, October 20

Fall Decorations, Part 1

Well, he is very fall-ish in coloring, don't you think? It's too bad he can't relax any...of course, if anyone dared come within 20 feet of our yard, he'd go beserk, but usually he looks like this. Pretty sweet, gotta say.
We woke up to crisp, cold air this morning and trees are definitely looking autumnal (it takes a while around here, it is Arkansas!). I love to decorate for fall. Not so much Halloween. I know I'm apparently in the minority these days, but we are just not Halloween people. But "autumn" "fall" "harvest"....those are a different story! I absolutely love this time of year and everything (well, except the Halloween thing) that goes with it...pumpkins, mums, acorns, apples, candles and all that cozy, wozy stuff. I have printed out the fabulous letters Jenny over at allsorts did (what a great thing!) to say "autumn." Now I just need to take a picture of it! Which I will!...this weekend....I promise.

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Deb said...

Shepherd has the most gorgeous autumnal shades in his fur! My dining room table is covered in the alphabet letters to make a banner as well ~ hope to post it this weekend. Have a great one!