Tuesday, October 17

Are they done?...not sure

The Bitty Booties are together, and I think...maybe....finished. I had planned on doing a feather stitch around the seam line, but it made them look a little too moccasin-y, (not what I want) so I took it out. Now I'm stumped as to whether I should add anything else, or leave them simple but cute. The color in the picture is a little dark, they are really a soft paler rose color, but I'm still working on my photography skills. The fabric in the background is another WIP (I love that fabric!).

I crocheted a baby hat to go with the booties, but it's more like a super teeny-tiny baby hat! Any baby who can wear both the hat and the booties is going to be one deformed baby. I mean pin-head! So, I will be attempting baby hat #2 in the next couple of days...hopefully with "larger" success. I'm just really tickled with how well I seem to be picking up the crocheting. It makes me want to crochet, crochet, crochet!

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