Tuesday, March 11

March in the South

At least for a day or so.....

neither snow lasted more than 1 day, but it was lovely to see it. But now, I'm ready for spring! Especially since I got struck by the flu last week. There was no knitting and not even any consideration about knitting for a few days there...woosh, thankfully that's over, and the knitting has recommenced.

I'm moving rather slowly on my tweedy vest, but I'm picking up speed now that it's going to be too warm to wear it! Love, love the color and the "tweedyness" of the yarn. It's a fun knit so far.

I also started on a new spring bag before the illness struck. I'm making my own, smaller version of Amy Butler's Weekender Bag. At least, that's what it's looking like on the outside. I'm hoping to make this a true knitting / purse hybrid, so I can carry at least one project and all my regular stuff in an organized, neat fashion. I'm thinking I'll be making a couple of matching pouches and maybe even a wallet...we shall see!


Ruth Ann said...

Love your sewing and knitting! I have knitted all of my life, but have just recently taken it up again. My first - recent - project is an alligator scarf. He required much frogging, but he's almost finished. As you said, now that it's too late to wear him.

I haven't tried any of Amy Butler's patterns. What is your opinion of them? Love her fabrics, but have to purchase them online. Alas, our only fabric shop is about 60 miles away and they don't carry any of the interesting new fabrics.

robin said...

Thanks, Ruth Ann. I haven't made any Amy Butler patterns either, but I do have her In Stitches book, and they seem very well written. I'm using my own pattern, it just looks similiar to the Weekender Bag she has.
I have to order fabric online as well, I couldn't even tell you where the nearest fabric store would be that would stock the popular designer fabrics around here!