Friday, March 21

Good Friday

It's a beautiful day today, Good Friday. I have the day off, which is wonderful.

We've got lots of spring "springing" around here for this very early Easter. The daffodils are pretty much done, and the tulips are about to pop out. The dogwood is very close, and the lilacs are greening out. We've got a couple of irises this year, but nothing like last year...they were everywhere. This year was the daffodils turn. The forsythia (below) was a good show too.

On the knitting front, I finished Jimmy's socks! Yah, my first completed pair of socks...woo hoo! And these were man-sized socks! I've still got to get some action shots on the owner's foot, but here are a couple of prelim pics.

And the tweedy vest is growing a little faster...I'd probably be done with the back by now, if it weren't for the "sickies" that keep invading this house. But today is for knitting...and I plan to finish the back and start on the front today. With a break in between for some cupcake making. Yum.

The pic above is a little washed out, the actual color is slightly deeper in person. You can see where I've just started the armhole shaping.
Happy Easter!

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