Thursday, February 21

Swatch It

I'm swatching for a vest right now. This would be my first official "swatch-making in hopes of attaining gauge" effort. The first effort, which is this picture, was on US 7's and turned out too ...well, what do you say..."small?" if the needle size was too small and you ended up with too many stitches? Or do you say, "too big", since you have more stitches than you need? Hmmm....I'm not sure. Anyway, it was wrong, so I've gone up a needle size and am trying again.

Got the yarn from Webs. It's Valley Yarns Williamstown, a very soft tweed. On sale, to boot! And since I saved that money, I went ahead and got a few balls of this

for a hat. I'm looking at this one, which I love.


rohanknitter said...

I love that vest, and it will be really pretty in that yarn. I'm thinking about making it myself with some malabrigo I have.

I'm pretty sure if you're getting too many stitches per inch, which makes the whole garment smaller than it should be, you would say it's too small.

Leslie said...

I will be watching for updates from you on this vest. I have been thinking about knitting this vest myself. I have never knitted a sweater and thought starting with a vest might be a good way to begin. Love the color!

Anonymous said...

I can sympathize with your swatching problems:

I am ready for my first vest, and I'd chosen the Tweedy Vest in an aran weight yarn. Swatched with Sz 7 needles, but I have too FEW stitches per inch.

So, now I the swatch is drying, and I'm on Ravelry, trying to figure out if there's a vest that would work better in the yarn I've got.

Might still do the Tweedy Vest, but going down a needle size seems pretty tight.


robin said...


Wow, thanks for making me take another look at this post! I still want to make a hat with that yarn...better get on it.

I loved knitting this vest, but....the neckline turned out kinda floppy (I picked up too many stitches, I know that now) and it's too long on me. So, even though it was good practice, I'm probably going to end up frogging this vest and using the yarn for another one. I really would like a vest in this yarn, now I just need to find the right one (like you!)