Thursday, October 18

Road Trip Goodies

Here are a few of the treasures we found on vacation:

This is an embroidered placemat. I found a set of 4 with 4 napkins at a flea market. I think it is too cute! Very happy mushrooms.

Of course, the stack of fabric. I think I was pretty restrained this year. This is all I got. I'm loving the orange on top. I'm loving orange right now, as a matter of fact.

And some good Pyrex love. I have a few snack plates in this pattern and I found these 3 little bowls to match. I believe it's called "Primrose." I have a pretty good case of Pyrex love.
I found a great needlepoint mushroom pillow, but I haven't gotten a good picture of it yet. We've had a lot of rain and cloudiness around here, which is good...we need the rain. But it doesn't make for great picture taking!

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