Saturday, September 1


I love September. I love how the light changes and the temperatures cool and the air gets drier. Course, around here, "cool" means 80's. But that's still better than 100's.

September is also our anniversary month. We were married on September 8. And we're usually gearing up for a vacation this month or in October, so there's lots to look forward to.

The picture above is a recently completed washcloth, using my favorite crocheted washcloth pattern. It's just a simple half-double crochet in the back loop, with a scalloped edge. Simple but pretty. Jimmy said the colors looked just like the cup of tea I was drinking. Tea and milk, good stuff.

Happy September!

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Katie said...

That's a pretty washcloth! And I like September, too. But I have liked it better in cooler climates.