Tuesday, June 12

Summer Sojourns

Well, I didn't mean to take a blogging break, but that's about what it amounted to. And it's all Summer's fault! We have been enjoying the warm weather in a bunch of ways around here. The garden is in full swing, we've gotten lots of zucchini and beans, cucumbers are now getting plentiful and tomatoes are popping out everywhere. The lettuce is about done for until cooler weather, and we're still waiting for the carrots to stop looking like miniature carrots.

Jimmy got a new lawnmower over Memorial Day weekend and he's in love. It's a Husqvarna...too bad a free sewing machine didn't come with it!

And we've been back in the water doing some kayaking. About 10 years ago I had a couple of kayaks and just loved them. I had to sell them after my mom died so I could pay bills, but I've always wanted to get some again. Right now, we have a nice inflatable kayak for two, but we're drooling over a couple of recreational kayaks to paddle in hopefully by next year.

Not to mention, I'm rearranging my sewing room! Yikes!

And also not to mention...I'm typing this post on our new laptop. It's a Dell Precision M60, and we got a great deal from my husband's employer. Lots of fun, but I haven't transferred any pictures or my photo editing program, so I need to get that done.
The summer is just flyin' by!

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