Saturday, June 23

Happy Flower

I bought a plant last year that had the sweetest little blue flower that I enjoyed all summer long. I couldn't remember the name when I bought it, so I wondered if I could find it again.

So this spring, I kept looking and looking for it at our local garden center, but never did find it. Then we were strolling through the Wal-Mart garden center and there it was! It's a Convolvus Blue Daze, and very similiar to morning glory, it closes up it's beautiful little flowers in the evening or when it's going to storm.

I have an out-of-proportion love for this little flower! It makes me so happy to look at it every morning as we sit at our breakfast table. How a little flower can lift my heart so baffles me, but there it is. A sweet, happy little gift of pleasure from the Lord.

I call it my Happy Flower and I hope I'll gaze on it every summer of my life.


Robin said...

I love that flower too! I love almost any blue flower!
Thank you for sharing!

Katie said...

That *is* a happy flower! And I love it in the wagon. So sweet and summery.

Andrea said...

I love the picture of the flowers in the wagon - that is just adorable.

I love blue flowers, probably becauase they are kind of rare. At first I thought you were showing a forget-me-not because the blue is so similar but I see the blooms are actually a lot bigger. Very pretty.