Monday, April 16

Quilt; Quilty; Quilter

Lots of quilty things going on around here. This always happens, finishing one quilt gets my quilting juices flowing and other quilt projects spring up or are re-energized. Such is the case with Jimmy's Irish Chain quilt. He's been wanting one for his music room, and I've just dawdled and delayed. But no's now being quilted, and should be finished in a couple of weeks.

Then there is a new bed quilt for our bed. The one on it right now is a couple of years old, and while it's still in great condition, I'd really like to be able to alternate between about 3 or 4 quilts. So I'm working on Bed Quilt #2.

And finally, Shepherd's quilt was a snowball block, so there were 4 triangle squares left over from each block. I sewed them together as I made his quilt, knowing I'd use the 300+ squares to make pillows, window treatments, bed skirt...something. I'm playing with different arrangements, trying to get ideas. It's amazing what you can do with a platter full of triangle squares in just two colors.

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