Thursday, April 12

Needle in hand

(Vintage Bloom)

I've had a couple of encounters with cross stitchers this week that has renewed my interest in my designs. I love the whole design process in cross stitch. I keep several notebooks to jot down ideas and snippets so I don't "lose" them. I've learned that the great idea I had 2 days ago can be long forgotten if I don't get it on paper then and there! It's a fascinating process going from pencil sketch to charting to stitching, with all the revisions and changes in between. Sometimes what you end up with doesn't resemble the initial idea at all, and sometimes it does.

For instance, this design "Into the Garden Softly" looks almost exactly like what I pictured in my mind when I first jotted it down.

While "Wild Sunflower" went through several changes. And then there's the fun of picking the floss and linen. I'm partial to the overdyed flosses such as Gentle Art and Weeks Dye Works. And I'm a huge fan of Lakeside Linens, they are so soft...and washable!
I'm feeling renewed design energy coming on!


Tracy said...

Those are simply gorgeous!!

Jill said...

I love the "Into the garden softly" piece! It's absolutely lovely.

lamplight designs said...

Thanks so much! I need to get back on track with the new ideas I've got! I have to say, I am pretty proud of them.