Monday, November 6

It was a sew-sew weekend

Lots of sewing, but not as much accomplished as I thought. A few things, but I never seem to get the volume of things done I think I will. Of course, I had to allow for some crochet...

This is the dishcloth...almost finished. Just needed the border, which I finished, but haven't taken a picture of yet. Love, love, love it! I really was planning on making two or three of these just for show, but holding it really made me want to scrub-a-dub on my face with it! The texture is wonderful, and it's got a good weighty feel. I have a feeling I'll be making a few more to actually use...very decadent to me!

This is the red felt purse I was working's kinda wonky. I really like the idea of's just crooked! Not terribly crooked, this picture makes it look worse than in real life, but enough that it will be one I keep for me. It's actually quite small and I have a hard time sewing small things. Give me a huge quilt and no problem, but give me a tiny purse and I feel like I can't quite get my hands around it! Of course, that wasn't any problem with this...

This is the yarn bag...actually, this is one of the handles. (I made friends with my macro button this weekend!) The bag is just about done...and it's big! Big, I tell ya. I won't have any problems carting around several projects with this thing. Did I mention it's...big?

I also got a couple of pouches done, cut out the fabrics for a new bag, started a crochet scarf, and did a little reading (Miss Marple). Absolutely did not touch the quilt...I gotta make myself finish that thing.

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