Friday, November 3

Friday Work(s) in Progress!

Lot of WIP's around here...hopefully next week, a few FO's (finished obects)! Since the crocheting and knitting seem to be coming along pretty well, I'm in need of a yarn/crochet/knitting bag. So that's the pink (yes, more of the super-thick pink wool blanket...I hope I get lots of projects out of it!).

The dark red is a new bag I'm working on. I hope to get it and several others made this weekend for my Etsy shop. Sewing marathon coming up...

And the quilt top is for a daybed / dogbed in our office. It's been on my wall for a couple of months now. I really need to get the borders finished and get it basted, quilted and off my list! I whizzed through making the blocks but then lost interest with the plain borders and new projects kept jumping in front of it. But I'm determined to have it on the bed before Christmas.

I've also got a crocheted dishcloth on my hook right now. I'm making a couple for the newly redone bathroom. And yet another knitting swatch...I really need to find a simple knitting something, an actual project to start, work on, and finish. I'm sick of swatches!

So I should have lots to show you next week. Have a great weekend!

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