Friday, November 10

A bouquet for you

My little blog here is very new and unknown to most. I wondered who would find it, read it, like it. I never expected to get such a "pick me up" from other's comments. But, boy I do!

So, I'd like to offer those of you who have taken the time to comment and give me encouragement a bouquet of thanks. Well, and really, anyone who's reading (even if you don't comment...but hey, feel free!).

Daisies, because I'm really more of a daisy person than a rose person. I mean I like roses fine, but daisies are so cheerful and sweet, aren't they?

I'm very glad you are there. You make my day!


RANDI said...

What a cute picture! Your blog is just lovely too!

Deb said...

Your blog is one of my favourites! I'm new to blogging as well (sept'06) and I remember being thrilled to see "1 comment" at the bottom of a post. Love the picture of the daisy bouquet ~ daisies are my favourite flower too.

autum said...

Hi There!
I'm a daisy person too. This ia a lovely bouquet.