Monday, October 9

October Day

Fall comes late and slowly to Arkansas, but Sunday was one of those gorgeous, crisp days. We took a hike after church on one of our favorite trails at Lake Catherine State Park. The sun was shining, no bugs (!), one snake (albeit a very small one) and lots of beautiful views. Jimmy would hike everyday if he would Shepherd for that matter. I'd go about once a week given the opportunity, meaning I'd like six days to sew, stitch, cook, clean, do projects, and all that other stuff that makes for a nice home, and one day to take a hike.
Shepherd is the intrepid trail dog. This is serious business to him.

I actually remembered to take the camera, thinking about this blog. We are terrible about forgetting the camera for all kinds of events, big and small. So maybe this blog will be a help in that area. It's nice to think about a record of our normal life, you know the stuff we do all the time, not just the big, special events.

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