Monday, October 9

I think I can

I have seen so many wonderful crochet things on different blogs that I decided to give it a try...again. I tried to learn crochet about 20 years ago, doing the very "happening" broomstick afghan. Basically, mine was a dishcloth. And crooked.

But things are going better this time. I actually checked out a book from the library, read it, and followed the instructions. Amazing what that will do! The picture shows my first 3 official projects. I made a couple of attempts before these, but I'm not going to show them to you. So, I have a coaster, a very small doily, and a flower. Maybe not much to the expert crocheters out there, but I'm proud. Can it be that I've actually gained some wisdom in these 20 years, because it seems clearer somehow. Anyway...I'm loving it!


autum said...

I think your completed projects are lovely. I want to be able to crochet flowers. I've had one crochet lesson and just don't feel comfortable with it yet. What was the book you checked out?

lamplight designs said...

Thanks Autum! uh heh....the book is "Crochet for Dummies." And apparently I qualify because it has been clear as a bell to me. The flower in the picture is a Bernat free pattern, "Cool Flowers."
And I am completely in awe of your beautiful bags and wallets! Love you blog.