Friday, November 20


I finally finished the butter cardigan a couple of months ago, but never blogged about it. It fits great and it is soooo soft. It'll be too light to wear pretty soon (I'm very cold natured), but it made for a great fall sweater.

I'm working on Drift now and hoping to have it done by Christmas. It's been kinda slow going, but I'm working on it along with Icarus (pictured below and quite a bit further along now) and I've knit several small things in between (the mittens from the last post, for instance.)

I've only got a couple of Christmas gift knits I'm doing, so I won't have too many distractions between now and Christmas. Yah for cold weather!


Robin said...

Love the Drift and Icarus is on my to-do list. The Buttery cardie looks nice, too.

Rebecca said...

Beautiful Christmas photographs! I'm knitting Icarus, too and it seems to be going very slowly!