Wednesday, September 30

Virginia Sojourn

We took a little trip to Colonial Williamsburg. I want to live in Colonial Williamsburg.

I also bought a little yarn.

I did a little knitting.

And a whole lot of walking, eating, and picture taking. Some other shopping as well. Jimmy got some great CD's; I got a cookbook, lanterns, candle, etc. We're already planning for next year!


Rebecca said...

I LOVE Williamsburg! I have a wooden rolling pin that I bought ten years ago and every time I use it I remember that trip. Of course, I wasn't knitting then so didn't come home with a yarn haul like you did. WOW! What loot!

Robin said...

Hi Robin! I saw that you had visited my blog. We seem to have a couple of things in common - 1) we're both Robins!, 2) we both love Knitting Sisters and Williamsburg. My son and his wife graduated from W&M and were married in the Wren Chapel October 2007. It was beautiful! Love your blog pictures and thanks for visiting my blog - For The Love Of Fiber!