Thursday, November 13

Simple Surprise

We go to the library just about every week. Our library sells old magazines for 10 cents, and I usually check them out to see what they've got. I've managed to snag a couple of old Interweave Knits and several other knitting mags. Several weeks ago they got in a bunch of old Knitter's and I bought a few (I mean, 10 cents, come on...) and I've been buying a few each week. Last week I bought the premier issue and a couple of early issues. I was looking through them, and I was pleasantly surprised to find this -

Apparently, whoever this belonged to went to Elizabeth Zimmerman's and Meg Swanson's Knitters Camp in 1986. And they got Meg Swanson to sign their book. Very cool.
There's also an article about Mary Walker Phillips, and she signed her page too.

The library is a good thing.

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