Monday, October 6

Fall is in the air

Fall is my favorite time of year, and I always have more energy after the heat of summer. I've gotten a few things finished up, tried a new knitting technique, and oh yeah, taken pictures of the dog:
Finally wove in the ends to the Tweedy Vest. It's been sitting done since May-ish, right about the time it got too hot to wear. I'm pretty happy with my first sweater attempt. The collar is a little floppy, but I know it's because I picked up too many stitches after I shortened the body by a couple of repeats.

Tried my hand at entrelac. It's not perfect, but now I understand what it involves. I'll probably make this into a small pouch and line it with fabric.


Kim said...

The vest is pretty and the entrelac knitting looks interesting and fun, but requires some explanation as to how you go about it cause I sure can't begin to guess how you did this.

Linda said...

Great job! Love the entrelac - that is so cool!
And of course... Shepherd is as handsome as always! :)

Marisa said...

Wow - entrelac - I never knew of it...I guess that shows you what kind of knitter I am, but gee, that is super cool. I think another class may be in order for me. Sigh...oh, to be a good knitter someday. You are awesome!

robin said...

Thank you for comments. I'm still planning to make the entrelac swatch into a pouch one of these days! Hopefully, before I forget how I made it, ha.

Linda, Shepherd says "Aw shucks!"