Friday, July 25

Quilting Fever

Hot, hot, has been too hot around here! 108 degrees earlier this week...blech! For a family that loves fall and winter, that is not good news. It was even too hot to enjoy the kayaking last weekend.

So, indoor pursuits are in order for the next month. Namely, quilting. My quilting fever has returned with a vengeance, and I'm taking advantage of it. The bbbq (blue basket bed quilt) is coming together. I'm piecing the rows together and I hope to layer and baste it soon.

I'm also working on a small doll quilt, which I'm handpiecing. It's a Jo Morton pattern from an old Quilters Newsletter Magazine. Just a simple four patch, but a lot of fun and very quick to do.

I don't post enough photos of the furry one, Shepherd, so I thought I'd throw one out there just 'cuz.

I've added a "quilting blogs" list to my sidebar because I've been discovering so many great quilt blogs...I seem to be adding to the list daily!

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